Smart Lighting Solutions to Consider for 2018

We wanted to know the latest smart light equipment for this year to update the 2016 Ultimate Smart Light Guide. We reached out to all the light and electrical companies to obtain the following smart light gear.

Lifx Beam and Lifx Mini

Lifx made a splash in 2016 with its hub-less lighting system. Featuring more color variations than Philips Hue, brighter lights, and a hub-free design, these are the smart lights to get in 2018. The Lifx beam takes things a step further by letting you design your own light artwork.

Noon Home Room Bundle

Not everyone has smart lights, and retrofitting manual lighting is easy, thanks to Noon. These wall plates turn your old lighting into smart lights. The Room Director adds even more sensors and automation to the mix.

Fibaro Wall Plug

It may not seem like another smart plug is necessary, but Fibaro adds a few features smart light vets will enjoy and could bring new users to the market. First, it’s much smaller than a Belkin WeMo switch and is color coded for ease of use. Also, it monitors your electricity usage when used with a Fibraro Gateway and app.

Aurora Nanoleaf Rhythm

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The Aurora Nanoleaf is one of the most colorful and well-designed smart lights on the market. Its modular platform enables exciting programmable light effects in any size room. This handy module adds the ability to sync your light installation with music.

Switchmate Smart Home Solutions

This Switchmate Power Pack includes everything you need to start upgrading both electrical outlets and light switches. Automation aside, even USB ports in the electric outlet are helpful when living in older homes.


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