Tech Industry News for the Week of January 21-27

Looking for the best tech news on the Internet? Here are this week’s top tech headlines worth reading.

Silicon Valley’s Cost of Living Is Seriously Driving Away Tech Talent

by Adam Rowe,

Silicon Valley is known for two things – disruptive tech companies and the highest cost of housing in the U.S. The Bay Area may have a GDP of $781 billion, but a worker making $100,000 a year is spending 100% of his post-tax salary on housing. In response, Indeed showed an 18.14% decrease in job postings from September 2015-2017. Is this a sign of the area’s lack of economic growth?

Apple expands its fleet of self-driving cars in California

by Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge

Apple registerd three autonomous Lexus Rx450h SUVs with California in April 2017. It now has two dozen more registered with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. This brings the total fleet of self-driving vehicles in Apple’s Project Titan to 27. Still, it lags behind major automakers and tech competitors like Waymo and Uber.

Physicists create Star Wars-style 3D projections — just don’t call them holograms

by Elizabeth Gibney, Nature

Holograms in movies are deeply flawed based on today’s science. Daniel Smalley wants to fix that using a technique called volumetric display. It works like a high-speed Etch a Sketch to create images. So far, it only creates small, simple line drawings, but it’s still a technological achievement.


Amazon adds single sign-on across select Fire TV apps

by Rob LeFebvre, Engadget

One of the biggest problems with using Amazon’s Fire Stick is you have to constantly log in to each individual channel app. Amazon has finally fixed this issue by adding a SSO authentication to its devices. Now subscribers of Dish, DirecTV, AT&T Uverse, Cox, and Verizon FiOS can log into their account and have it transferred across most TV apps. TBS, TNT, NBC, and ABC are not yet compatible.

DJI Unveils the Mavic Air, A Lightweight and Portable Powerhouse

by Michael Pehel, Interdrone

Dronemaker DJI revealed a new, compact drone this week with a 4K 3-axis camera. and remote. The micro-drone weighs nearly half the Mavic Pro, but can fly at speeds up to 42.5 mph. It has 8gb of onboard storage and can stitch up to 22 hi-res photos for a price tag of $799. It’ll be released by the end of January.

Facebook, Google and Twitter reveal little in answers to Senate

by Ian Sherr, CNET

A Senate committee published answers by tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter during a public 2017 hearing investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. The companies essentially said they’re unable to substantiate nor disprove claims through a variety of questions. However, all three companies pledged to to more going forward to prevent similar occurrences.

Cancer could soon be spotted by technology ‘several months’ before it occurs

by David Reid, CNBC

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri told an audience at Switzerland’s World Economic Forum he believes technology will be able to spot cancer several months before it occurs. Nokia is investing in medical wearables thanks to 5G technology, which it believes will have a major impact on the healthcare industry.


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