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Video games are like movies and music. There are some classics that we just can’t get enough of. While original Android games are fun when done right, droids are filled with ports of classic games from other systems. Whether from arcades, PC, or consoles, these video game translations allow you to bring the fun with you wherever you go. Just because you’re on a deserted island doesn’t mean you can’t get your Worms 2 fix as long as you’ve got your Android device with you. Here are Hardcore Droid’s picks for Best Android Ports Ever…



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 10th Anniversary Edition (PC/PS-One) 

HD Score – 3.5
Grand Theft Auto is among the best video game series ever made. It launched Rockstar into a status worthy of its name. Vice City – 10th Anniversary Edition is the best open world console port on the Android. The open world sandbox mechanic is on brilliant display, allowing you to forget you’re playing on a smartphone or tablet. If you’re a gamer with an Android device, GTA: Vice City is a must-have for your collection. After you shoot, rob, and steal your way through Miami in Vice, grab Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition to cruise through a port of the original sandbox classic.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 10th Anniversary Edition HD Review
 ($4.99 at Google Play)



Tetris Blitz (MS-DOS) 

Tetris is far too often overlooked in video games. Electronic Arts has rebooted the series into a Bejeweled Blitz-style puzzler for the Android. It takes a while to build up your coins but once you get the hang of it, you can get some pretty high scores. The soundtrack is a smooth remix of the original. EA shows what freemium games should be, although you’ll definitely want to block any app purchases from your phone menu before letting your child play. The game is filled with ads and offers to buy coins so you can have more Powerups, etc.

My mom used to beat me at traditional Tetris and now thinks I cheat at Bejeweled, the one Facebook game I can stand to play. I can’t wait until this thing hits FB so I can “cheat” at Tetris and free up a chain…

(Tetris $2.99 or Tetris Blitz Free at Google Play)



The Bard’s Tale (PC)

HD Score – 4
An Action RPG classic, I’m excited to welcome The Bard’s Tale to the Android platform. This medieval tale of knights and such stands next to Dragon’s Lair as one of the most beloved medieval RPG’s of all time. If you’ve never heard of the game and aren’t a fan of role-playing games, don’t worry. This game is more Leisure Suit Larry than Dungeons & Dragons in its mechanics. Think of it as a Game of Thrones video game, and go put your steel to good use.

The Bard’s Tale HD Review
($2.99 at Google Play)



Final Fantasy III (NES) 

HD Score – 4.0
Final Fantasy is an amazing RPG series. If you’re a fan of the RPG genre, this is a game you’ll want to play for nostalgia. If you’re new to the Final Fantasy universe, III is a classic you need to play. The graphics are a bit dated by today’s standards but I still love the plot twists in this game. It’s a bit lengthy and takes time to get used to but it’s a Zelda-level RPG on the Android for fans of the 8 and 16 bit era’s of role playing. Once you’re finished with FF III, give the rest of them a shot. Final Fantasy I-IV and Final Fantasy Dimensions are all available in the Play store. 

Final Fantasy III HD Review
 ($15.99 at Google Play)



Worms 2: Armageddon (Xbox 360) 

HD Score – 4.0
My name is Brian Penny…and I’m addicted to WormsWorms 2: Armageddon is the best party game you can find on the Android platform. It’s like Mario Party, Monopoly, Black Ops, Smash Bros, and Heaven rolled into teams of animated cartoon blunts. You can create some hilarious teams and personalize them with the best one-liners and death scenes. Armageddon is definitely something you’ll want to prepare for if you want to have a valuable party skill. If bar games aren’t your thing, you can whip out your Worms

Worms 2: Armeggedon HD Review
($4.99 at Google Play)



Sonic CD (Sega CD)

Let’s face it. In life there are Coke or Pepsi people, The Beatles or Elvis, Mario or Sonic…If we can’t have Mario on Android, I suppose I’m willing to settle for Sonic “the stupid yet speedy” Hedgehog. He’s the Bugs Bunny of video games – the one who stands taller just to make up for constantly finishing second to Disney powerhouse Mickey Mouse. Although Mario is my Mickey, I prefer Sonic over 90 percent of other mobile video games. Arcade games with depth are hard to find. When I see so many games excusing their poor performance by advertising themselves as paying “homage” to Atari games, it’s nice to see a game that actually pushes the Android to new heights.

($2.99 at Google Play)



NBA Jam (SNES/Genesis)

If you like the NBA Street and NFL Blitz style of sports games, NBA Jam is a slam dunk. This basketbrawler is one of the most action-packed Android games on the market. Choose your favorite team for a 2-on-2 arcade sports classic. Sink enough unanswered shots to light the ball on fire and activate spectacular poster dunks. If you love basketball, and I mean if you rreaaalllly love basketball…NBA Jam is the spread you’re going to want for your bread.

($4.99 at Google Play)



ChuChu Rocket (Dreamcast)

If Sonic is Sega’s Mario then ChuChu Rocket is its Mario Party. The Dreamcast was a classic video game console and Rocket was one of its great games. The good news is that it still works on the Android. Arcade and party games are rarely good, but ChuChu Rocket shows off the mobile capabilities of touch screens for a modern day Android Warioware.

(99 Cents at Google Play)

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