Dead Spawn is now available worldwide for PC

Dead Spawn is now available worldwide for PC
Melbourne, Australia – September 24, 2019 — Dead Spawn is a fast-paced arena shoot ’em up, with building mechanics developed by the independent and self-financed studio YZee Games, is now available worldwide on STEAM. Dead Spawn is now available worldwide for PC on STEAM retailing at 4.99 USD / 4.99 Euros.

Review codes (Steam keys) are available on request by email to Lucas Hellyer

Press materials available to download from HERE

Trailer available from YouTube HERE.

Game details:

  • Developer: Yzee Games; based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Publisher: Yzee Games
  • Release Date: September 24
  • Platforms: Windows / STEAM
  • Websisite:
  • Price: 4.99 USD / 4.99 Euros
  • Languages: English
  • File Size: 50MB


Game Features:

  • Players can build walls and turrets to defends themselves
  • Play with up to 4 players, local co-op
  • Endless waves
  • Each zone is procedurally generated, with 4 total biomes
  • Each wave will result in a choice of 3 good or bad perks
  • Players can upgrade their weapons, as well as themselves
  • Dead enemies have a chance of dropping a power-up, such as a nuke
  • Players have the choice of 4 weapons and 4 projectiles
All about Dead Spawn:


Dead Spawn is revisiting the classic Box Head Zombies games with a twist of modern features, such as the perk system (inspired from Binding of Issac). Box Head Zombies being very old, Dead Spawn brings a refresh update, with new graphics and retro pixel art. Dead Spawn was all from a small team of friends with outsourced art and sound.


Dead Spawn is the first title from a young team of passionate gamers from Australia. The project started in early 2018 and is ready to launch worldwide today September 24, 2019. The team at YZee Games has been developing Dead Spawn for the past year with its own resource and the game is now ready to premiere on STEAM, thanks to the effort of Lucas Hellyer, founder of YZee Games and its team.

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