Holiday Video Game and Virtual Reality Statistics by Adobe Digital Insights

Adobe Digital Insights has been tracking retailer and social media data to provide some new statistics today. They’ll also be tracking Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in real-time at:

Here’s what they found.

  1. New gaming console prices dropping, but still higher YoY: Prices on new gaming consoles are dropping quickly (-4% between 11/16 and 11/20) as we head into the biggest shopping days of the season, but prices for new models of video game consoles are still a bit higher (+0.3%) than this time last year.
  2. The PS4 and HTC Vive lead the console pack: The PS4 leads the pack in gaming console social mentions, with 3.2x more mentions than the second contender, Xbox (705,746 vs.165,502 social mentions). The Nintendo NES Classic is in third place with 153,424 mentions as it’s in short supply and extremely hard to find online today. For VR devices, HTC Vive is still on top with 43,922 social mentions, but Oculus is making up ground with 38,568 social mentions as it nears the release of the Oculus Touch on Dec 6. PSVR clocks in third at 33,782 social mentions.
  3. COD Infinite Warfare most buzzed about video game: COD Infinite Warfare is by far the most discussed console video game on social media with 692,705 mentions, followed by Watch Dogs (147,141 social mentions), Dishonored 2 (132,771 social mentions), FFXV (56,708 social mentions), Last Guardian (8,627 social mentions) and Dead Rising 4 (4,254 social mentions). Adobe expects attention for FFXV, Last Guardian and Dead Rising 4 to increase as they near their release dates.
  4. Gaming console average order value (AOV) up: The average amount consumers have spent per order on gaming consoles has increased from $320 on Nov. 9 to $490 on Nov. 19 since the launch of more expensive options like PSVR and the out-of-stock rate for the lower price point option, Nintendo NES Classic.
  5. Millennials most likely to purchase gaming systems: According to a survey Adobe conducted with 500 U.S. consumers who own either a smartphone or tablet and plan to do at least some of their 2016 holiday shopping online, 22% of respondents 18-24 and 25% of respondents 25-34 said they are most likely to buy gaming systems for themselves or others this holiday season over other technology products, compared to only 13% of the overall population.


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