My Hearthstone Mage Deck Build

Mages are the most powerful casters in Warcraft, though they’re also the squishiest toons. Mages can be spec’ed as Ice, Fire, or Arcane magic. Pwning opponents with a Mage requires powerful spells and defensive maneuvers, though a geared-out Mage can simply one-shot you. Here’s my Hearthstone deck build based on WoW duels.

Hearthstone Mage Arcane Missiles Spell Card1 Arcane Missiles – Useful in early rounds for destroying many 0-3 cost minions, Arcane Missiles adds what amounts to a jab to a Hearthstone Mage’s deck – 3 damage randomly split among enemy characters

Amped with Spell Damage, the spell will hit more times, and is always a useful gauge of how well you’re doing in a match. It’s not necessary to carry more than one of these cards unless you’re building an Arcane-spec Mage deck. With any other deck, 1 or none of these cards will suit your needs.


Hearthstone Mage Ice Lance Spell Card1 Ice Lance (2x) – When properly speccing any Blizzard Mage, you have a choice of Arcane, Fire, or Frost. Focus on getting everything in one category to create the most deadly Mage deck combos.

This deck is simply a starter one, using few high-end Mage cards. Much like in World of Warcraft, my mage is a bench player.

With Ice Lance, you can either freeze a character or do 4 damage to an already-frozen character. At a cost of one mana, Ice Lance is a deadly spell to have on hand for an ice-specced Hearthstone Mage deck, as it’s low cost and can either incapacitate or deal damage.


Hearthstone Mage Mirror Image Spell Card1 Mirror Image (x2) – It’s important for a Mage to have Taunt in Hearthstone. When starting out, I’d recommend building a deck entirely out of Taunt minions and whatever spec spells you choose (you can choose a variety, but it’ll be less powerful in chain attacks and combos).

Mirror Image is great for defending against many attacks (especially early-game), as the spell costs one mana and summons two 0/2 minions with Taunt. Mirror Image will sufficiently protect the Mage for at least one to two rounds, unless hit with an AOE or facing multiple minions on the other side of the table.


Hearthstone Mage Mana Wyrm Minion Card1 Mana Wyrm – A one-mana minion, the Mana Wyrm starts with 1/3 and gains +1 Attack any time you cast a spell. Though not very powerful to start, when used at the beginning of a spell-heavy combo, Mana Wyrm quickly becomes able to compete with a Lightwarden for utility.

These minions draw high aggro, as players don’t typically want to be hit by anything with high numbers. Try not to amp up Mana Wyrm too much until it’s able to attack.

When facing a Priest, keep it at 4 health to avoid being destroyed with a Power Word card. Practically useless during endgame, Mana Wyrm is a great minion for early rounds.

Hearthstone Mage Arcane Explosion Spell Card2 Arcane Explosion – Arcane Explosion is an AOE attack spell that costs 2 mana. It is affected by Spell Damage amplification. Mages can use this spell similar to practically any Warrior spell, Paladin’s Consecration or Priest’s Holy Light, though without the healing benefits of the latter.

Arcane Explosion is a powerful spell in an Arcane Mage Hearthstone deck, as Spell Damage amplification will be a focus (and minions will typically be more heavily relied upon.

Use Arcane Explosion in scenarios where it will clear your opponent’s side of the board of multiple minions (the more, the merrier) to allow you to regain table control.

Hearthstone Mage Flame Cannon Spell Card2 Flamecannon






Hearthstone Mage Frostbolt Spell Card2 Frostbolt






Hearthstone Mage Unstable Portal Rare Spell Card2 Unstable Portal







2 Annoy-o-Tron






Hearthstone Novice Engineer Minion Card - Copy2 Novice Engineer

Hearthstone Mage Snowchugger Mech Card2 Snowchugger






Hearthstone Mage Sorcerer's Apprentice Minion Card2 Sorcerer’s Apprentice






Hearthstone Mage Arcane Intellect Spell Card3 Arcane Intellect (x2)






Hearthstone Mage Frost Nova Spell Card3 Frost Nova






Hearthstone Mage Ice Barrier Secret Spell Card3 Ice Barrier






Hearthstone Mage Mirror Entity Secret Spell Card3 Mirror Entity








Hearthstone Mage Vaporize Rare Secret Spell Card3 Vaporize





Hearthstone Mage Soot Spewer Rare Mech Card3 Soot Spewer





Hearthstone Mage Fireball Spell Card4 Fireball (x2)





Hearthstone Mage Polymorph Spell Card4 Polymorph







Hearthstone Ancient Mage Rare Minion Card - Copy
Your mom is so ancient, she got fat eating all the dinosaurs…

4 Ancient Mage








Ethereal Arcanist Hearthstone Rare Mage Minion Card4 Ethereal Arcanist





Water Elemental Mage Minion Hearthstone Card4 Water Elemental (x2)





Hearthstone Flamestrike Mage Spell Card7 Flamestrike


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