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Episode 4 of Tales from the Borderlands starts where Episode 3 left off. Rhys, Fiona, and the group are being held hostage by Vallory, and Fiona is still stuck under Vallory’s rocket launcher as she talks to Gortys.

In the present, Rhys tries to convince Fiona to escape the mysterious stranger holding them hostage. They do just as a meteor shower hits, and the stranger duct tapes the runners.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Gortys Vallory

Vallory learns that to use Gortys for a vault key, she needs to steal another Atlas upgrade from Helios, the moon base over Pandora, where the Hyperion headquarters is located.

If you chose to let Athena kill Cassius, he brings Vaughn to Vallory while everyone is captured.

If Fiona doesn’t agree to help Vallory, she stabs Vaughn. Eventually you have to agree, though you can ask for a cut. Vallory will remember your negotiation choices.

Handsome Jack informs Rhys the missing piece is likely in the Atlas trophy case in his office on Helios. When he tells everyone, August verifies with Gortys and it checks out.

From there, the plan comes together, and it’s time to for Fiona recruit Scooter and Springs to turn the van into a rocket to reach Helios. Meanwhile, August, Rhys, and Vaughn go to recover Vasquez’s face in order to replicate him.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Bro Knee

During the trip to recover Vasquez’s face, Rhys can tell Vaughn to escape when he gets a chance or stay safe. When you find Vasquez’s body, his face is gone.

Turns out a group of psychos had a face pizzas party and passed out.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Vasquez Corpse Scan

Scan and find the right one, and you may need to knock a couple out if you wake them up. After you recover Vasquez’s face, meet up with the others at Scooter’s garage.

Fiona and Sasha ask Scooter for help, and he’s happy to be a hero. Unfortunately he doesn’t know anything about rockets, and you have to convince Springs, who heard Athena and Fiona fighting Vallory’s goons.

Soon everyone is on their way onto the spaceship (Scooter asks if he can come, and Fiona can encourage or discourage him). Either way, he comes because a space mechanic is needed.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Space Crew

On the ride, the rockets have issues, and Fiona and Scooter have to go outside to release them. After Scooter walks Fiona through the process on one side, she goes to his side to see he’s stuck.

You have the option of how to comfort Scooter before releasing him to his death. You can then decide whether or not to honor him with his billboard rocket, and how.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Handsome Jack VIP Tour

Upon landing on Helios, Rhys, who looks like Vasquez meets his friend Yvette, who we learn sold out Rhys and Vaughn to Vasquez in exchange for getting Handsome Jack out of his head.

Meanwhile Sasha, Fiona, and Gortys steal a badge from a tour guide and Fiona makes her way up to Handsome Jack’s office where she bumps into a VIP tour group.

You stumble your way through a tour with Fiona until you come to Jack’s office, which is off-limits. You can decide whether or not to try to stop the tour group from entering his office and being killed.

Rhys is confronted in the office by Yvette, and you can determine how to deal with her betrayal. If you chose to trust Handsome Jack over Fiona in Episode 2, a bot named Dumpy will accompany Rhys.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Badass Accountant

Fiona can destroy either the unicorn statue or paintings to be dragged into security. As Rhys is on his way to meet up with Fiona, he runs into Accounting, who force him into an elaborate finger-gun battle over the $10 million Vasquez lost.

Soon, they’re in security and make their way up Jack’s trap door into his office. Scanning the trophy case reveals the next piece, and before they leave, Handsome Jack gives Rhys the option to rule Hyperion.

Regardless of the player’s choice, Handsome Jack is uploaded into Hyperion’s systems. If you choose to rule Hyperion, he’ll announce you as the new CEO over the intercom. Otherwise, he’ll simply go all supervillain on the monitor.


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Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and freelance writer.

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