Video Game News Roundup for the Week of Jan 28 – Feb 3

Video games have long been a major part of our culture. Hardcore gamers can’t get enough new releases to satiate the hunger to pwn noobs. If you’ve been too busy this week to keep up, these are the top video game headlines you missed.

Counter-Strike Co-Creator Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child [UPDATE: Valve Suspends]

by Jason Schreier, Kotaku

Jess Cliffe, a co-creator of Counter-Strike, was arrested Thursday, February 1 by the Seattle Police Department. He’s being held without bail in King County Correctional Facility pending charges of Sex Exploitation of a Child. Valve suspended Cliffe pending further investigation. Counter-Strike, a Half-Life mod, is one of the most popular video games of all time.

PS4 Sales Fall Compared With Last Year

by Eddie Makuch, Gamespot

Sony released its Q4 2017 earnings report Friday, February 2, showing 9 million PS4 consoles shipped. This number is down from 9.7 million during Q4 2016. This brings the grand total of PS4s sold to 76.5 million, just shy of the PS3’s 80 million total. In addition, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is stepping down effective April 1.

Nintendo announces Mario Kart Tour smartphone game

by Julia Alexander, Polygon

On Wednesday, January 31, Nintendo announced Mario Kart Tour will be its next mobile game launch. The game is currently in development and will launch sometime before March 2019. This marks the fifth Nintendo smartphone game, after Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Miitomo.


by Jonathon Dornbush, IGN

Stolen digital codes of Kickstarter-exclusive content for Friday the 13th: The Game are being sold on eBay. Gun Media’s Daniel Nixon confirmed a Reddit user’s allegations that codes being sold on eBay were indeed stolen from one of its distribution partners. Limited Run Games is the only publicly confirmed physical distribution shipping partner.

Video game companies making hundreds of millions from ‘gambling-like’ loot box features in games played by children

by Mike Wright & Charlotte Krol, The Telegraph

Video game developers like EA are making hundreds of millions of dollars with in-game purchases called loot boxes. Legislators in Europe and the United States are looking into whether or not these purchases constitute gambling. The loot boxes have randomized contents, and many games are geared toward children and teens under legal gambling age.

#NotNolan: why game creators are speaking out against the founder of Atari

by Megan Farokhmanesh, The Verge

Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell was set to receive a lifetime achievement Pioneer Award at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Soon the #NotNolan hashtag began circulating online after game developer and #GamerGate target Brianna Wu pointed out its inappropriateness. Bushnell is known for running a sexually exploitative environment at Atari, even bragging about it in a Playboy interview. It’s a big win for the #MeToo movement, which struggles to remain relevant since Aziz Ansari was falsely accused of sexual assault by a crazed fan.

Marvel Reveals First Hints At Avengers Game Concept With Crystal Dynamics

by Imran Khan, Game Informer

Square-Enix subsidiary Crystal Dynamics revealed the team working on its upcoming Avengers video game based on the popular Disney-owned Marvel franchise. It also confirmed it will have an original story, which calmed fears it would simply be a retelling of one of the movie storylines.


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