The Perfect Gift for the Traveler in Your Life

Some of us stay indoors, while others prefer a little adventure and variety of scenery in our lives. Whether by land, sea, or air, people scour the globe looking to experience new cultures or find remote, secluded treasures. These gifts are perfect for the people in your life that love to explore the world, from its biggest cities to its most isolated corners.


Altec Lansing Baby Boom Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99 at

While it’s small in size, the Baby Boom is IP67 waterproof, snowproof, and shockproof. It even floats! Use the carabiner clip to attach it to your carry-on or keys to ensure you have music with you everywhere you go. With over 30 feet of wireless range and 6 hours of battery life, this is the perfect travel speaker to upgrade your phone’s default audio.

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Component Navigator Sunglasses ($285 at

Created this year, Component strives to make classic styles for the modern man. The Navigators may look like standard Aviator sunglasses, but they’re forged with nickel-silver alloy, plated in ruthenium, and have a CR39 UVA/UVB-protected lens with anti-reflective coating. These are sure to make you look stylish while flying thousands of feet in the sky.

Deuter Walker 24 Daypack ($89 at

Deuter has been around since 1898 providing engineered products with outdoor sports in mind. The Walker 24 Daypack is a lightweight (780g) way to carry your laptop, tablet, books, snacks, and other valuables in a carry-on size that won’t hurt your back. Available in a variety of colors, this backpack is the perfect starter for the air traveler in your life.

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Essentia Traveler Memory Foam Neck Pillow ($89+ at

Traveling can be a pain when you have to depend on what the hospitality industry provides. Whether you’re a car or plane passenger, Essentia lets you create a customized memory foam travel pillow to ensure you’re comfortable. Sourcing natural, organic ingredients, this do-good company does what it can to contribute more to the community than just a comfortable pillow. They’re environmentally friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.

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G-Ro 22″ International Expandable Carry-On ($399 at

This unique carry-on Victoria Beckham was recently seen with has large wheels to help traverse any terrain, including stairs. It also has an embedded power bank with dual USB ports, retractable handle, luggage strap for additional bags, and an included Tile Bluetooth tracker, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your luggage. It’s 14 x 22 x 9 inches on the outside, and expandable by another two inches to provide everything you need in a carry-on bag.

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Huawei Watch ($299.99 at

While the Apple Watch and Gear S3 get the most media attention, the Huawei Watch is widely regarded as the best smartwatch on the market. Compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS 8.2+, it has an always-on HD AMOLED screen beneath scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and comes with a variety of premium casings and straps. Track your fitness and notifications while traveling using this great wearable.

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Instavit Spray Vitamin Travel Kit ($45.99 at

Traveling can introduce a lot of new germs into your system, and you’ll need to stay healthy while out and about. Instavit makes this easier with sprayable vitamins designed to help you sleep, wake up, build immunity, and more. The Ultimate Travel Kit has perfect sizes to get through airport security and its own carrying case.

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JBL Everest Elite 750NC ($299.95 at
JBL has been delivering quality sound to consumers and professionals for over 70 years. The Everest Elite 750NC has active noise cancelling for up to 15 hours of runtime on a single charge. I love the sound quality and comfortable fit. It’s enough to get you where you’re going with music in your ears the entire time.

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KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker ($29.99 at

Once you leave the U.S., you’re roaming internationally, and this can get expensive on some networks. Temporary phones can be an option, but who wants to set up a new phone and migrate data to it every other day during a globetrotting trip? KnowRoaming Global SIM stickers resolve this by allowing you to simply apply a sticker to your existing SIM for free WhatsApp usage and 4G LTE data available worldwide.

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Latitu Venezia Weekender ($825 at
Leather bags are typically thousands of dollars, released by luxury designers far above the reach of us normals. Thankfully, Latitu designed these leather bags to hold all your essentials while still looking stylish. The Venezia Weekender is a limited run design, so pick one up soon if you want to make your loved one’s day.

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Nerium International Eye V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches ($40 at
Jet lag is a real thing when you’re traveling on airlines. Moving between time zones while dealing with security and all the people will put wrinkles on your face. Refresh your tired eyes after a long flight with Eye V Moisture Boost by Nerium International.

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Nifty Mobile USB Charger ($79.99 at

USB power isn’t always easy to find when flying from place to place and moving between hotels. Keep a spare battery on you that’s powerful enough to charge any Apple or Type-C products on the market today. Not only is it functional, the Nifty Charger is pretty stylish too.

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Rebecca Minkoff Always On Power Tassel Keychain ($50 at

Keeping your devices charged while on the go isn’t an easy task. Famed designer Rebecca Minkoff is changing that with the Power Tassel, a leather tassel that also has USB and iPhone cords built in so you can charge your device on the go without needing a heavy battery bank.

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Roar for Good Athena ($129 at

An unfortunately reality in the world is women aren’t always safe when travelling. Rather than debate the severity of the problem, the Athena wearable safety tech acts as a digital rape whistle to let loved ones know if you’re ever in trouble. Pick one up for the traveler on your list to give you both peace of mind.

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Skyroam Solis 4G LTE Global Hotspot & Power Bank ($149.99 at

Keeping mobile devices charged and connected while globetrotting is a lot harder than it sounds. You can’t always find a WiFi network or outlet, and a lack of communications can ruin a trip. Relieve this problem for your jetsetting friends with the Skyroam Solis global hotspot, which provides unlimited, fast, and secure data worldwide for a low rate of $40 for 5 days.

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The Red Twist Cashmere Wrap ($195 at
Cashmere is the most luxuriously soft fabric. I own several cashmere sweaters myself, and they’re my favorite part of fall and winter. The Red Twist makes lavish, 100% cashmere wraps that look great and provide a donation to Room to Read, a charity dedicated to providing education to young girls in need.

Tile Sport and Tile Style ($35 at

Luggage notoriously gets lost during air travel, and you don’t want to be just another statistic. Track your the location of your bags, keys, wallet, purse, or anything else with these stylish and sporty bluetooth trackers. One even comes with the G-Ro bag above.

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Truefitt & Hill Sample Pack ($52 at

The TSA won’t let you bring regular sized bottles of anything on airplanes, but you still need to shave when you get there. Luxury shaving brand Truefitt & Hill provides this sample pack to ensure you have travel sizes of all their shaving creams and oils to look your best wherever you are in the world.

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ZTE Axon 7 Smartphone ($399.98 at
If you’re going to travel, you’ll need a good phone. Axon 7 is one of ZTE’s first Daydream-compatible smartphones and has dual front-facing speakers and Dolby Atmos, making it the perfect phone to pair with your JBL headphones for an immersive audio experience.
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Road Trippers

Brickell Leather Dopp Kit ($70 at

Brickell is one of the highest quality men’s skin care and grooming brands on the market. Combining organic ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, and green tea with advanced science, these products make a man’s skin look and feel healthier. Grooming can be a pain on road trips, and hotels don’t have much to offer. This leather dopp kit fits Brickell’s essential travel products into a high-quality leather bag that can even carry extra hygiene products to stay fresh on the road.

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Contigo Autoseal Chill ($22.99 at

Contigo makes more than just your average thermal cup. Each product is carefully designed and engineered to provide value to each consumer. The Autoseal chill is vacuum-insulated and both leak and spill proof. The stainless steel body is sleek and easy to hand wash, making it the perfect way to keep your coffee hot wherever you decide to set up base camp.

Buy Contigo Autoseal Chill on Amazon
Buy Contigo Autoseal Chill on eBay

Harman Kardon Traveler Bluetooth Speaker ($149.95 at

Harman Kardon is known for premium audio, and the Traveler brings this down to a portable size. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2 to listen to audio and make calls, or plug in to use as a USB powerbank. With up to 5 hours of listening time, Traveler is the perfect speaker to bring along on all your road trip adventures.

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Jump 21” Hard-shell Carry-On ($150 at
Fit everything you need for your entire trip, from your laptop to a change of clothes, water bottle, and whatever else into a convenient and stylish carry-on. Jump Paris is known for creating quality travel bags since 1979, and the map print lining is superb. If you know someone who hasn’t already bought one, this holiday season is the perfect time to gift it.
Buy Jump Paris on Amazon
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Jump Paris Backpack ($65+ at
A perfect companion to the carry-on, this timeless daypack from Jump is as rugged as it is chic. Buy them as a set to make the whole trip easier.
Buy Jump Paris on Amazon
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Lever Gear Toolcard Pro Multitool ($19-35 at

You never know what kind of tool you’ll need when you’re on the road. The Toolcard Pro from Lever Gear is a great 40-in-1 multitool that’s TSA compliant and fits in your wallet. You can also get it personalized to let your loved ones know how special they are to you.

Buy Lever Gear Toolcard Pro on Amazon
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Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow ($41.99 at

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep while on the road, especially when you’re stuck with lumpy hotel pillows. Even the guest pillows wherever you’re staying are much lower quality than they use for themselves. The Floating Comfort Pillow is a 300 thread count pillow that you fill with water for exactly the support you need. Best of all, it won’t wear down as fast as your ordinary pillow.
Buy Floating Comfort Pillows on Amazon
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Motorola Talkabout T600 H20 Two-Way Radios ($99 at

Motorola has a long history with wireless communications. You’ve likely used their pagers or owned a Razer phone in the pre-iPhone days. Now you can stay in touch wherever you are in nature (even far away from cell towers) with Motorola’s Talkabout radios. The H20 series are also waterproof, weatherproof, float, and can be used as a flashlight. It’s the perfect gift for the camper in your life.

Buy Motorola Talkabout T600 on Amazon
Buy Motorola Talkabout T600 on eBay

MyCharge AdventureUltra ($129.99 at

The AdventureUltra can keep all your gear running while driving anywhere. Small enough to fit in a backpack, but with output to power a 42-inch TV for up to three hours, this 13400mAh adapter will ensure you never lose power while moving between cities. Bring it with you in the car, at hotels, or on day trips at your destination.

Buy MyCharge AdventureUltra on Amazon
Buy MyCharge AdventureUltra on eBay

Notion Home Sensor Starter Kit ($219 at

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your home takes care of itself. Even if you have a friend or neighbor keeping an eye on things, it’s always best to have data on hand wherever you are. That’s where Notion sensors come in handy, monitoring open doors, windows, water leaks, temperature, and smoke/CO2 alarms while you’re away.

Buy Notion on eBay

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Wireless Headphones ($379.99 at

Whether listening to music, taking calls, or relaxing with a movie in your hotel, a good set of noise-cancelling headphones can give you a break from your vacation, which is necessary more often than it seems. These Voyager 8200 UC headphones from Plantronics have active noise cancelling and smart sensors that adapt to you wherever you’re at with contextual intelligence.

Buy Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC on eBay

Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites ($5 at

Nuts are a great way to get sustenance while traveling. They’re packed with everything you need to find the energy for all your adventures. Pick some up for the person on your list who needs a taste of deez nuts while driving down those long, dusty roads.

Buy Setton Farms Pistachios on Amazon
Buy Setton Farms Pistachios on eBay

Statgear SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool ($9.99 at

Nobody expects an accident, but once you’re in one, all you need is to be safe. Designed by paramedics, the SuperVizor XT is an auto escape tool that fits on your car’s visor. It can be used to cut yourself free from your seatbelt and punch a window to escape perilous situations you may find yourself in while on the road.

Buy SuperVizor XT on Amazon
Buy SuperVizor XT on eBay

TrapTap Wireless Traffic Ticket Device ($139 at

While you may have a general idea of where traffic cams and speed traps are in your neighborhood, traveling around the country makes things a bit harder. With TrapTap, you’ll be connected to over 1 million data points across more than 60 countries to be aware of traffic cameras, school zones, and police traps.

Buy TrapTap on eBay

Verizon Hum+ Vehicle Hotspot ($29.99 at
Just because you have roadside assistance, insurance, GPS, and other gadgets in your own car doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have them in a rental. When you’re on a road trip, you’ll love having Hum by Verizon keeping WiFi connected, GPS activated, and monitoring your vehicle through the ODB-II port. Enjoy hands-free calls and all the benefits of a smart car in any vehicle.

Buy Verizon Hum on Amazon
Buy Verizon Hum on eBay

Weego Jump Starter 22 ($99.99 at
Regardless of how much you prepare, things can go wrong on a road trip. Even with AAA or other roadside assistance, a dead battery can delay things and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. With a Weego 22 jump starter in your car, you’ll never have to worry about being stranded ever again. And you can use it to charge your phone and tablet batteries too!
Buy Weego Jump Starter 22 on Amazon
Buy Weego Jump Starter 22 on eBay

ZTE Quartz Smartwatch ($192 at
A smartphone gets even smarter when paired with a wearable like a smartwatch. The ZTE Quartz has Android Wear 2.0 and is an affordable way to delve into the world of wearables without breaking the bank. Not only does it connect via WiFi and Bluetooth, but you can pair your number with it to leave your phone at home. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Buy ZTE Quartz Smartwatch on Amazon
Buy ZTE Quartz Smartwatch on eBay

Campers and Explorers

Ariix Puritii Tritan Filtered Water Bottle ($114.27 at

There’s nothing worse than being stuck drinking bad water. Sometimes it’ll just dehydrate you more with all the minerals, deposits, and parasites in it. Be sure to always have clean, filtered water wherever you go with the Puritii filtered water bottle.
Buy Puritii Tritan on Amazon

Chameleon Whole Bean Coffee ($14.99 at

Chameleon Coffee was created in 2010 in Austin, TX by two neighbors and coffee fans who wanted to create something special. Their cold-brew has been gaining popularity ever since, and they recently released a line of whole-bean coffees that are sure to please the coffee lover in your circle. With three blends to choose from and even a holiday gift set available online, these 12 oz packages of organic, ethically sourced coffees make the perfect way to wake up with nature.

Buy Chameleon Whole Bean on Amazon
Buy Chameleon Whole Bean on eBay

Contigo Autoseal Chill ($22.99 at

Contigo makes more than just your average thermal cup. Each product is carefully designed and engineered to provide value to each consumer. The Autoseal chill is vacuum-insulated and both leak and spill proof. The stainless steel body is sleek and easy to hand wash, making it the perfect way to keep your coffee hot wherever you decide to set up base camp.

Buy Contigo Autoseal Chill on Amazon
Buy Contigo Autoseal Chill on eBay

Cotopaxi Taboche 55 Backpack ($189.95 at
A rugged outdoor adventure requires a rugged backpack that’s also large enough to fit all your gear. Cotopaxi’s Taboche has a highly adjustable suspension system and spacious main compartment, but that’s not all. It’s also filled with valuable knowledge printed inside, and the company is dedicated to creating gear for good. Pick one up for your next journey into the woods.

Buy Cotopaxi on Amazon
Buy Cotopaxi on eBay

Crescent Moon EVA All-Foam Snowshoes ($159 at
Standard snowshoes are all pretty much the same. Crescent moon understands this, and introduced this innovative all-foam snowshoe at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. It’s easily the most unique snowshoe of the past century. Gift them to the explorer in your life to ensure they can hike any trails, even during the snowy months.
Buy Crescent Moon Snowshoes on Amazon
Buy Crescent Moon Snowshoes on eBay

Grand Canyon Global Eye Print ($29-72 at

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate your greatest adventures, Point Two Maps has the answer. These colorful maps and aerial photos of national parks, architectural wonders, and cities around the world make a great gift for the explorer on your list.

Helle Arv Knife ($169 at

Of course, not everything needs to be new and innovative. Helle of Norway makes the best stainless steel knives using natural materials like curly birch wood, antler, and leather. The Arv continues this tradition with a deeply contoured wooden handle that’s perfect for carving whatever you need at the campsite.

Buy Helle Arv on Amazon
Buy Helle Arv on eBay

Icebreaker Merino Wool ($40 at

No matter what adventure you’re on, the last thing you need is either freezing your nuts off or sweat building up and creating swamp ass. Icebreaker underwear is made with Merino wool that regulates body temperature and lasts through even the roughest days you find yourself in.
Buy Icebreaker Merino Wool on eBay

Kammok Wallaby Hammock ($65 at

There’s nothing better than relaxing on a hammock tied between two trees out in nature. Weighing only 10 ounces, the Wallaby hammock is built for lightweight camping and can easily fit in with the rest of your gear. It’s silky soft and can hold up to 400 pounds with its reinforced 40D diamond ripstop fabric.

Buy Kammok Hammocks on Amazon
Buy Kammok Hammocks on eBay

Kelty Horizon 2 Tent ($239.95 at

Kelty has been creating top-notch camping gear for over 60 years. The Horizon 2 is its latest 3-season tent featuring double wall design, a mesh ceiling, and wall pockets. Pitching this tent is super easy and can be done alone. Best of all, it won’t take up much space in your backpack.

Buy Kelty Horizon 2 on Amazon
Buy Kelty Horizon 2 on eBay

Midland X-Talker Two Way Radios ($29.99 at

Communication is important, especially in those far corners of the world where they don’t build cell towers. When a member of your party needs to head out to find a bathroom, extra firewood, or even chase down some fish or local wildlife, stay in touch using two-way radios from Midland, a leader in wireless communications.

Buy Midland X-Talker Radios on Amazon

Mug Scout Happy Camper Enamel Camp Mug ($16+ at

Mug Scout is dedicated to providing retro-style outdoors- and adventure-themed coffee mugs, enamel camp mugs, and travel mugs. Find your favorite design or create your own to make a statement along with your morning coffee at base camp.

Outdoor Research Women’s Plaza Down Hoody ($230 at

Outdoor Research makes some of the best outdoor clothing and gear on the market. The Plaza Down Hoody is the perfect way to stay warm while camping. It’s a 100% polyester 50D body and hood with 100% nylon 44D lining, and 700 fill responsibly sourced power down. It’s sure to make the outdoor woman on your list happy.

Buy Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoody on Amazon
Buy Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoody on eBay

Scosche Boom Bottle H2O ($79.99 at

A rugged outdoor adventure requires a rugged outdoor speaker, and Scosche has the answer with the Boom Bottle H20, which can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without any damage. It also comes in a variety of colors and floats, so you’ll have no issue recovering it from the water if you drop it.

Buy Scosche Boom Bottle H2O on Amazon
Buy Scosche Boom Bottle H2O on eBay

Sierra Designs Nitro Mummy Sleeping Bag ($299.95+ at
Whether you’re camping or homeless, a good sleeping bag makes all the difference. The Nitro mummy bag from Sierra Designs has 800 fill DriDown insulation, a 15d shell/liner, an ergonomic hood, and patented zipperless footvent. Available from 35-0 degrees, you can find the perfect bag for camping in any season just in time for the holidays.
Buy Sierra Designs Nitro Sleeping Bag on Amazon
Buy Sierra Designs Nitro Sleeping Bag on eBay

Sierra Designs Sweet Suite Tent ($369.95-$459.95 at
You can’t camp without a great tent, and this 2-door 2-vestibule tent from Sierra Designs is lightweight and has plenty enough room to fit all your party’s gear inside. Best of all, it weighs only 3 lbs 1 oz while still being constructed of sturdy, 20d nylon fabrics. Pick one up to make camping trips infinitely better.
Buy Sierra Designs Sweet Suite on Amazon
Buy Sierra Designs Sweet Suite on eBay

Sosken Studios Bright Black Raincoat ($295 at
No matter how much you check the weather, a surprise storm can pop up at any moment while you’re out exploring the wilderness. This oversized rain jacket from Sosken Studios comes with a coordinating drawstring backpack so it’s always on hand when you need it. Turn that inconvenient storm into a refreshing change of weather by protecting yourself and your gear.
Buy Sosken Studios Bright on eBay

Sporto Agnes Duck Boots ($119 at

Sporto makes the original duck boots, but that classic style isn’t all their design team does. Hit up their website to shop the 2018 lineup of footwear for the camper in your life.

Stabilicers Hike XP ($49.95 at

Walking on ice and snow can be dangerous, and even if you have the right boots for it, there’s a change you can slip and fall. Stabilicers cleats fit over your shoes to provide stability and traction on even the roughest slippery surfaces.

Buy Stabilicers Hike XP on Amazon
Buy Stabilicers Hike XP on eBay

The New Primal Grass-Fed Jerky (Price Varies at

While hiking and camping, jerky and meat sticks provide much-needed energy to refuel your body. Unfortunately, the preservatives and low-quality meat can cancel these benefits out. The New Primal makes jerky healthier while still staying delicious.

Buy The New Primal Jerky on Amazon
Buy The New Primal Jerky on eBay

Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter ($475 at

Why stay on land, when you can also explore underwater? Yamaha Seascooters provide the perfect balance of run time and speed, and, at only 18 pounds, the RDS250 can pull you through a depth of up to 100 feet at 2.8 MPH for up to 2 full hours! Plus there’s a camera mount so you can capture all the action. Pick one up for the adventurer in your life.
Buy Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter on Amazon
Buy Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter on eBay


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