Top 10 Best Sam Elliott Movie and TV Roles of All Time Sam Elliott is a throwback to the old days of westerns

Samuel Pack Elliott is an American actor who embodies all the values we imagine from the old Hollywood spaghetti western. Hell, he acted in classics like The Way West, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Gunsmoke. He remained a legend through the 2000s and finally started getting the critical acclaim he deserved recently. Check out these highlights from the lengthy career of Sam Elliott.

10. Ghost Rider

Caretaker Carter Slade Sam Elliott

Character: The Caretaker/Carter Slade/Phantom Rider


9. Hulk

Hulk General Ross

Character: General Thaddeus Ross


8. The Hero


Character: Lee Hayden


7. We Were Soldiers

we were soldiers gibson elliott

Character: Sergeant Major Basil L. Plumley


6. Mask

MASK 1985 CHER SAM ELLIOTT MSK 040, Photo by: Everett Collection (39612)
MASK 1985 CHER SAM ELLIOTT MSK 040, Photo by: Everett Collection (39612)

Character: Gar


5. Gettysburg

Sam Elliott Gettysburg

Character: Brigadier General John Buford


4. Buffalo Girls

Character: Wild Bill Hickok

3. Lifeguard


Character: Rick Carlson


2. A Star Is Born


Character: Bobby Maine


1. Tombstone

Tombstone Earps

Character: Virgil Earp



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